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What group therapies do we have at CLiK? 

Here at CLiK, group therapy offers the opportunity to allow a person to feel seen, listened to, supported and know they are not alone in the journey towards recovery. There are various different groups we offer. When creating a programme for a client, we tailor the programme to include groups that best support a person’s needs, allowing a person to safely explore alongside others who may be on a similar journey. 

Here are a list of groups we offer at CLiK:

Entering  Recovery

This is the first stage in CLIK’s facilitated recovery programme for those who have little experience of one-to-one therapy and/or have never been part of a therapy group before. It is also appropriate for those who might have a new diagnosis of an eating disorder and want to gain some understanding.

This group is an introduction to the cornerstones of group work and the power of peer support. 

Exploring Recovery

This is the second stage in CLIK’s online facilitated recovery programme. In this group alongside, exploring peer support and learning more about yourself and trying new behaviours like removing self-defeating behaviours with the safety of the group. 

Ending Recovery

This group is for those further along in their recovery process. This group focuses primarily on endings; what it means to come to a point of completion and how to nurture your recovery going forwards. From drawing up practical plans for nurturing yourself once you have left the group, to discussing possible future triggers or setbacks, this group is aimed at getting you in the best possible position to go ahead and thrive once you leave CLIK.

Exploring relationships

This is designed to help learn what healthy relationships look like between romantic partners, family members and colleagues. Throughout the groups we will examine and explore the patterns in your relationship, and learn more about how to improve relationships. At CLiK Therapy it is understood that topics like sexual relationships can be difficult, this space provides a safe and gentle space for a person to learn and share aspects of their sexual experiences and history in order to explore their relationship to sex and intimacy.

Interpersonal Processing

This group focuses on the here and now as well as exploring past experiences can impact a person's view of the present. This group can serve as a smaller version of the outside world, allowing a person to explore interactions with others as a person would in relationships and experiences outside of the world. 

Food groups

This practical group allows for a person to sit and eat a meal in a supported environment. This group allows for the challenging of damaging beliefs about dieting and food labelling in a safe and healthy environment. Each group member is working towards their own independent choices with their food.

Nutrition group

This group allows for the discussion surrounding feelings about food, unlearning common damaging food beliefs, fears and rules and exploring genuine food preferences and pleasure around food. This group aims to tackle messages in the media surrounding food, and health, exploring the “individual food personality” and empower a person with practice skills like cooking and supermarket shopping. 

If you want to know more about any of our groups at CLiK or are interested in joining any of the groups at CLiK, please contact the Team and we can help:

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