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Caroline Jench

Gestalt Psychotherapist

I am a firm believer that every person has the right to self-determination, responsibility for themselves and the freedom to make choices that will be true who they are. After graduating university with an MA in Clinical Psychology I went on to train as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and am a member of the UKAGP (United Kingdom Association for Gestalt Practitioners), the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy). I have worked with children and adults struggling with mental health issues in both inpatient and outpatient settings in the UK and abroad.
In my work I am committed to creating a safe environment in which my clients can develop a greater awareness of their body, emotions and mind and thus experience a more conscious way of being present. I feel very strongly about the therapeutic process
as being one created by both the therapist and the client, where two people meet as equals, in an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect, creating the foundation of what can develop into a relationship in which the client can explore their past, experiment with and experience new behaviours.
Growing up in a pet friendly home I have always had a great love for animals and have a dog named Charlie with who I enjoy going for walks and playing in the park.
These days after work I test my talents as an amateur chef/baker and despite not being able to successfully bake an edible pastry I  continue to try. I love travelling and whenever I can I try to get away from the city and into nature.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Nikkita Da'Silva

Qualified Dramatherapist

Qualified Dramatherapist with more than 10 years’ experience working with specialist & vulnerable groups and individuals. I have extensive experience working with a variety of clients’ issues: eating disorders, abuse, addiction, sexuality, cultural issues and identity, depression and sexual abuse.

Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy in which all of the artforms are utilised within the therapeutic relationship; it is a unique approach to enable the clients to explore difficult and painful life experiences through an indirect approach. 

I have facilitated Dramatherapy Groups for Women, Support Groups and Personal Development Workshops for women affected by domestic violence. 


I have also facilitated various Workshops to individuals who work with profound multiple learning disorders such as autism. Workshops have been facilitated to schools, colleges and universities to advocate mental wellbeing. Using drama and movement therapy to explore and heal from harmful life experiences is my passion.


Alice Pegram

 Creative Arts Psychotherapist (Drama)/Group Facilitator

I am a HCPC registered creative arts psychotherapist with an MA from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in Drama and Movement Therapy. My professional experience in this field has predominantly been working with bereavement, eating disorders, autism, trauma, anxiety and depression. 


I work with the principle that the power to change is within you and my role is to facilitate that insight and trust in yourself, strengthening your inner resources. 


Before training as a drama therapist, I trained as an actor and spent several years performing and touring within theatre in education companies both in Italy and the UK. My interest in communication and expression developed throughout this time and underpin my therapeutic work today. I hold a strong belief in the power of non-verbal communication and expression, which the arts therapies can offer when something feels too difficult to put into words. I keep connected to the arts through attending performances and art galleries in my spare time. 


I also love to be by large bodies of water so can be found on walks around lakes, at the beach, in the sea or at one of London’s many Lidos… summer is my season!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Naomi Rogers

Creative Arts Therapist (Drama)/Group Facilitator

I am a Dramatherapist who is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council, and the British Association of Dramatherapists.

I offer a warm and validating space for my clients. My sessions combine verbal conversation with creative arts activities because sometimes words are not always enough for us to accurately express our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Instead, it is often through the arts such as music, stories, images, theatre, and creative expressions that we find solace, validation, and a deeper understanding of our experiences.  

I hold an MA in Drama and Movement Therapy from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and a Postgraduate Diploma in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts from the Institute of the Arts in Therapy and Education. My way of working draws on a range of different theories including Developmental Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Somatic Experiencing Theory and Psychodynamic Theory. I also apply an Intersectional Feminist approach to my practice, and I can offer an approach that includes Menstrual Cycle Awareness. 


Rebecca Jennings

Nutritional Therapist/ NT Lead

I am a registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, having qualified with a Masters (MSc) in Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan in 2016. Since then, I have gone onto study 2 Masters Modules in Eating Disorder Clinical Science & Eating Disorder Treatment at UCL University, as well as Eating Disorder Training for Dietetics training at Leeds Beckett University.


I have been working in the field of eating disorders & disordered eating since the start of 2017.  

I initially got into nutrition, after completing a degree in Sport Science and competing at national championships in the 400m hurdles. With wanting to perform at a high level, it required understanding of the fuel needed to do so and therefore nutrition became a subject of interest. Whilst studying for my masters, I worked at Chelsea Ladies Football club for 3 years. Throughout working in the field of sport, it became abundantly clear how poor athletes’ relationships with food was and the ever rising pressure female athletes place upon themselves to look a certain way. This led me into the route of working in the eating disorder field.

I have since worked at The Priory Lifeworks & The Recover Clinic in Soho. My approach is always catered towards the individual’s need and at a pace that feels appropriate, my belief is that we all have our own innate food personalities that need nurturing, and my hope is to guide people into being able to eat in a way that best supports their own physical and mental wellbeing. 

I am hugely excited to have been a Co-Founder at CLiK therapy and hope to support anyone struggling with their relationship with food.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Sabrina Nicoli

Nutritional Therapist / Social Media Manager

'I am a registered nutritionist associate (Association for Nutrition) having qualified with a first-class undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and I also completed an MSc in eating disorders and clinical nutrition at UCL. I am passionate about supporting individuals on their journey towards intuitive eating, ditching diet culture, and feeling confident in their skin.

My approach is person-centered, compassionate, empathic, and science-based. My goal is to help clients rediscover the joy of food and give them the tools to build and maintain a lifestyle that supports their mental and physical health.


I also have a background in exercise nutrition and physiology, and I was a competitive tennis player for over 13 years. 

Outside of work, I use social media platforms to support individuals to heal their relationship with food and themselves. I love to go on walks, travel, and spend time with my French Bulldog, Kiana'

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Matharasika Siventhira

Clinical Support Worker

Following my recent graduation from the  University of Southampton this summer with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, I am now reading a MSc in Mental Health Studies at King's College London.


My academic research interests reside in the fields of: self-identity, self-compassion, psychosis, eating disorders and looking at improving the experiences of and access to healthcare for ethnic minorities in the UK. Upon the completion of my MSc I hope to pursue a DClin to become a clinical psychologist. I want to provide support and aid minorities whose stories are often neglected in the NHS and mental well-being spaces. 


As a support worker, I have worked alongside SALT and PBS teams to support and improve the quality of life for individuals with learning difficulties and other diagnoses using active support strategies. In my current practice, I firmly believe that a person-centred approach is imperative aided by active listening, empathy and respect. 


In my spare time, I love to give back to my community in the form of volunteering, being outdoors and spending time with my new ginger cat Ricco!  

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