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Relationship Therapy

"Instead of looking to a relationship for shelter, we could welcome its power to wake us up in those areas where we are asleep and where we avoid naked, direct contact with life." - John Welwood

This therapy is for any two people in a relationship together, where the communication has broken down or requires improvement.

This includes spouses or romantic partners, friends, siblings, co-parents and business partners. Unlike individual therapy, the focus here is not on any person(s) but on the dynamic between them: the relationship itself.

Relationships therapy is more structured and directed than other types of therapy, with the primary purpose being clearing blocks and facilitating better communication so that the inner (and/or unconscious) workings of the relationship can come into awareness. This allows the relationship to provide a fertile ground for healing, whatever its outcome at the end of the therapy.

Relationship therapy can help you to stay connected / together and move into a better phase of your relationship, or it can help you to examine and de-construct your relationship in a respectful and responsible way. It’s ok if you don’t know, either; therapy can help to make things clearer.

We recommend an initial assessment before committing to a block of six sessions. 

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