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1:1 Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition sessions offer a non-judgemental space where we can really explore your relationship with food. It is a space to help understand the behaviours used and the reasons behind the deviation from normal eating. We ultimately are working towards having some food freedom and overcoming the unhelpful rules and thoughts which impact your eating. Nutrition sessions can include a wide range of helpful techniques and methods; practical food planning, challenging food fears, understanding the body, unpicking current food beliefs… etc. We will work towards understanding your true food identity and meeting your individual nutritional needs.

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Nutritional Therapy Group

"Mindful eating replaces self criticism with self-nurtruring. It replaces shame with self respect for your own inner wisdom" - Jan Chozen Bays

The nutrition group is a group led therapy session focussing on exploring the client’s relationship with food. It consists of a variety of psychoeducation, understanding and challenging ‘unwell’ or disordered beliefs as well as sometimes including practical food workshops.
The aim of the group is for the clients to have space to think about how they currently feel towards food, to think about what behaviours they use around food and to identify what might be disordered Vs normal. The group dynamic allows for different beliefs and ideas to be brought to light and for the group to be curious and challenge abnormal behaviours and thinking styles.

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